Our mission


In order to create sustainable solutions to today’s issues at its core a fundamental shift in paradigm is required – a shift in consciousness is necessary.

Our Mission is to nurture conscious founders, leaders, teams and organisations to live and create from expanded inner states. We focus on how to live and lead from the present moment – from a state of inner stillness – for calm clarity, solutions and actions. The quieter we are within the more we hear and the better we become at creating beyond the mind.

Like a clear blue sky so too can our mind be; free from the clouds of excessive thoughts providing optimal clarity, vision and clear steps for action.

The performance of teams and organisations as a whole is dependent on the states of its team members. Therefore, the more powerful the state and thus performance of each team member the greater is the aggregated output and thus the impact of the organisation as a whole.

As we shift from stressful states of scarcity and division to expansive states of unity and abundance we shift from competition to collaboration and allow abundance and win-win for all stakeholders involved and thus the world at large.

Like flocks of birds moving effortlessly in synchronicity stress free teams allow for greater unity creating maximum impacts for the totality. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle.


About Chris
Chris Leo


Chris Leo is the Founder of balancemebright. Through working with founders, leaders, teams and organisations she focuses on transforming consciousness for optimal living and performance.

We can choose to lead and create from either stressful or expansive states. In stressful states the journey is limited. In expansive states the journey is purposeful, fulfilling and limitless. Chris Leo is committed to help guide individuals to live from inner states of limitlessness.

``Peace is Power`` - Chris Leo