balancemebright teaches and guides people on how to live from a stress free inner state be this at or off work. Often we think that stress goes hand-in-hand with work, yet is this really true? Stress happens when we move out of inner alignment. As a result, this has a tendency to affect our physical body, too.

The more ease, flow and grace we nurture within as we operate throughout the day the better is our output of creations across all levels at organisations. Each individual creates ripple effects contributing to the totality. We help guide people on how to transform and let go of stress from the core.

Working with C-level executives, senior managements, teams and organisations we tailor transformative sessions according to your setting and requirements. The style and format will be adjusted in line with your organisation.

For further queries on how to introduce a life of less stress and more ease, joy and flow at your work place and in life in general, please enquire within at

Working with your team and organisation during events be these on/off-sites, team building events, conferences and so forth we focus on how to create from a space of abundance and limitlessness.
In conjunction with your team and organisation we provide regular on-site sessions to understand and practise how to live and create from expansive states.
We conduct transformative sessions via Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat/Telegram. These calls are tailored according to your requirements in groups or as individuals.
Working with founders, leaders and C-level executives we conduct 1-to-1 sessions tailored according to your requirements.
``Everything is energy. Transform the energy and transform life`` - Chris Leo